doggie auction - new / gently used

These new or gently used items have been donated to us by our wonderful supporters. Please read the descriptions carefully for information about the items and how to bid and pay if you are a winner.

Each item will be listed with a starting price. You can bid on an item you are interested in by clicking on the review tab. Please pay attention to what the bid increments are before posting your bid. The highest legitimate bidder(s) at the end of the alotted time will win the item(s).

Winners will be notified and advised on payment options.

Happy Bidding!!!
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  • Custom Calendar - AUCTION Item starting bid below (cc1Auction)

    Custom calendar made using your photos, highlight special dates and have 12 photo keepsakes once your calendar is out of date.  A great gift idea.

    Price shown ($15.00) is the starting bid on this item, bid increments increase by $1.00, so if you bid less than $1.00 more than the previous bid, it WILL NOT count. The Quantity & Add To Cart button will not work, this item cannot be purchased via the cart checkout, it can ONLY be bid on. Please be sure and pay if you are the winner. Anyone not paying for an item they win WILL NOT be allowed to bid in future auctions.

    If you are new and don't have an account please register for one before you bid, this ensures we can ship you your item if you are the winner.

    **Bids posted before or after bidding times WILL NOT BE VALID**
    Bidding For This Item Starts: 8-20-2013 at 8AM PST  (11AM EST & 10AM CST)
    Bidding For This Item Ends: 8-31-2013 at 4PM PST  (7PM EST & 6PM CST)

    Similar to how the facebook auctions are run, bids will be posted by using the reviews tab, just click the reviews tab, post your bid using your full name (first & last) and at the end of the auctions the highest bidder(s) will be notified that they have won.

    CLICK THEReview or BidTAB AND POST YOUR BID - THERE ARE 5 AVAILABLE - The 5 Highest Bidders Will Win

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